Friday, March 16, 2007


Sorry for shouting my title but that's exactly what they are! They have only gone and secretly booked me tickets for a band that I've loved for more than half my life THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

They wrapped the booking slip in an envelope for me to open & when I did I couldn't move and could feel the tears swell in my eye and the only word I could say was wow! Every time i think about it I start crying, sad I know if your not a fan but I've loved them since I was 15 and never made it to jig & this was going to be a dream for me, oh so I thought Thank you Mum & Dad you have no idea how happy I am & what a wonderful gift you've given me, not everyone can fulfill a dream for someone xxx

Elmo has been busy

Poor Elmo has been busy, for a change, with mothers day and then baby Ava made an appearance on Wednesday so that was two more to my list, got some inspiration from UKscrappers website the girls there have been making these great book cards so these where my attempts, a mothers day card & card for baby Ava and then i didn't want Jamie to be left out so though I'd send his a big bro card.

Some new on the shop front, the council have sent my plans back as they are incomplete :O( Never mind i have an architect helping out now keeping me in the right path so fingers crossed when I send them off next week thee will be nothing wrong.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tarting about

Thought I'd tart up a great little utensil holder I've managed to source for selling in the shop, I had came across a fab one from pampered chef but it was £23ish before adding anything, they will work out about £10 blank which is more easier on the pocket. It was good fun and my new crop-a-dile sliced through it like paper so I was even more impressed with it and i made use of Elmo which I'm guilty of not doing as much as I should, i it was a pain trying to remember how to weld words but I got there in the end with the great help available on UKscrappers.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Light my fire!

It was such a lovely morning today I thought I'd take the opportunity to get some pics of my little pot belly stove, its soooo sweet! I haven't been able to light it yet but that will hopefully be tomorrow if all the cement has dried & should be a real nice feature in the shop.

This is a pic of my new card stand, Mum & Dad headed out to the auction a few weeks ago and spied this beauty, I haven got the drawers in as it weighs a ton and I've been moving it about a lot trying to figure out how to layout the shop.

My lovely patio which my Dad has been working hard on, it's not quite finished yet, once we get planning he'll put up a fence around it blocking it off from the main garden but so far it's looking swell.