Monday, December 26, 2011

All Over For Another Year

Well all that stressing, running around like headless chickens making sure no one was missed or everyone had enough from Santa it was all over in a quick flash!! By the sounds of the squeals and the yes yes yes's Santa done good as far as my two where concerned I'm please to say :) and spoilt rotten as usual from friends and family so thankyou!!
We had a pretty relaxed affair with an 8 o'clock rise, that is never known in our house hubs and I really enjoyed it lol followed by an hours present un wrapping, breakfast then a couple of hours of playing with our gifts before I got stuck into the dinner with all hands on deck.
Now I don't normally post a Christmas day run through but this year The Boy has gotten into cooking and wanted to make the Christmas desert. I wasn't going to stand in his way so below is my fab Chrimbo Santa cake stand from my folks, a plate for my Christmas indeed I adore cake stands lol anyhoo, a fantastic mahemoth meringue topped with a fruit Chrimbo tree, it tasted and looked great and was a nice change from the normal rich pud after the main meal, as you can see there wasn't much left after :D yum thanx babe x

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Gift

A friend of mine gave birth to her second child back in October & I wanted to do something special for her/him, I have this fab box kit in the shop so figured i'd do them a one off canvas art baby album

Its such a cute folding album with 10 sides in all that fits into the matching box

I brushed the whole things with two colours of acrylic paints, but didn't load the brush so it gave a distressed look.
 I then picked some papers that matched and threw in some that didn't ripped then till they had a nice shape and fitted.

The kit comes with tons of fab little chipboard shaped to colour, I picked the ones I liked best and set about painting, stamping & inking then done the same with the pages.

I used a ton of rub-ons in there but you can really see in the pics but that little monkey up top is my fav :D I also used my new Kirsty Wiseman stamps which I adore & can see these featuring a lot in my canvas art. 

I also done a bit of doodling on some pages, I am not great and really want to learn more so I'm checking out Pintrest as there is some fantastic tuts on there you should check out!!

So there it is my little Art Canvas inspired baby album :D

Christmas Birthday Card

Getting back into my card making and there's nothing better than a Christmas Birthday card :) I was told it was a 30th and it had to match a winter wonderland birthday cake which from what I hear was stunning!!

There was some goings in the shop on Monday, we finally for some heating installed and it's fantastic :) We are hoping the plumber will be in this week to remove and extra sink and then over the holidays we will be in to clean, freshen and hopefully expanding so watch this space!!
Well all orders are up to day and my own Christmas shopping apart from a few stocking fillers and the food shopping and that parts alway an adventure lol
The shop will be closed from 25th Dec through to 3rd January, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2012 x

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Card Love :D

Getting right into Christmas Card mode lately with the lush little Gorjuss Girl die cuts :)
We took delivery in the shop of some great Christmas kits for kids who like to craft!
I'm thinking most of my present shopping is done for next weekend apart from the food.
The Boy & i have got a few crafty things planned, we are attempting some tin lanterns for decorating the table. He's a budding cook in the making so wants to do a meringue with a fruit Christmas tree top, Pintrest is wonderful thing!!!
Just need to come up with something for Abs to create or she won't be pleased lol

Meet Lily

Back in September we welcomed a new addition to the family in the form on a little Devon Rex :D She is just beautiful & settled in well with us and the boss of the house Merlin, they are the best if buds who constantly play.
She is growing fast though, in the pic with the jumper She is 16weeks and the other she is 22weeks it was taken just sat past there :) The big worry was the Christmas tree but thankfully she only has a go now and again!!
I'm thinking a few more little Rex's will find their way into this home they are such characters :D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Stock Arrivals

Took delivery of some lovely craft stock during the week & I was blown away with the Do Crafts Me To You Christmas Rubber Stamp & Embossing folder set!! I thought it would be tricky to line up the coloured image with the folder but it worked beautifully :D

Christmas Still Arriving :D

Well normally in our house the kids have a tree each to decorate cause I'm so particular on how the big tree looks lol but this year the boy is too old so it was down Abbie!
She was helped out with the lights but the rest is her creation lol the tackier the better for our daughter!!
Bless her she's just like me & loves Christmas :D

Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Has Arrived :D

Well my lovely hubby cleaned the place while I was at work ready for big Bertha to go up, I have a thing that the place must be clean before the tree goes up I hope it's not just me lol
I just love Christmas defo my most fave time of the year, we listen to Chrimbo songs or have a Chrimbo movie on, have special nibbles while trimming the tree & I get all cranky cause the deco's ain't spaced evenly!! I have an extra worry this year as we have a 5 month old Devon Rex kitten called Lily in the family now and she's just loving the new climbing frame :(
Never mind it's only for a few weeks and the kids done great with the tree so I'm happy, just need to finish the present shopping and then I can shut shop when the bug man is due and enjoy the season :D
Have fun playing spot Lily in the bottom picture, she was doing her best trying to hide lol