Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crafters Rally Round!!!

Beautiful little Elle needs your help, she needs to raise some funds to help get her to the U.S if you can help and would like to read her story & even see the angel herself in action in her own movie check out the link below......

Friday, January 25, 2008

Rudolf Day

This is my only card made on Rudolf day I'm afraid LOL for those of you not in the know on the 24th of every month we have made a pledge over at UKscrappers to make Christmas cards on that day so come nearer the time we don't get into a last minute dash trying to get them done. Like I say I only managed the one but I'm happy and for me it's a chance to work on designs for the shop's Christmas stock and it's the designing that takes me the longest time.
I forgot Matthew had birthday party tonight so this was a 15 min jobber, thankfully I had some Tilda's coloured & those embossing folders come in real handy, not the greatest but ok for a quicki

Today I got to do some staff shopping and got stocked up, this lot will only last 2 weeks though!! Hopefully the Lentil & Bacon with be in stock next week, Matthew just loves it.

I've got some competition me thinks!!! My wee boy, well he's 10 this year LOL, he made this card for our Christmas & forgot where he hid it so it was safe, no matter he found it and I'm impressed I think he'll be useful in the shop!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Craft Robo File Sale

Just to let you know there is a sale over at with 50% off their fabbie files, I have bought a few from they and they have a speedy service you can be cutting the file within a few minutes :)
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is what they are all about, Mum & Dad where out shopping and Hubby & Kids where swimming so I had the house all to myself. I cranked the Red Hot Chili Peppers up full, thank fully we have no neighbours LOL, and I went for a shower, I was singing and dancing to my hearts content! now there's a vision. I gathered up my mini T.V, laptop, coffee,prisma pencils & headed to my room :) Oh I had a fab time playing, although I didn't get as much made as I wanted but there is always next week, I'd love to say tomorrow but I never get the time now a days!!! i did however have to tidy up before I could start anything as everything has just been dumped in over the week, so the fist pic is a before shot but really you wouldn't know I had done anything :)
This is it tided LOL
I've been desperate to play with my cowboy stamp since I made the file in Elmo with him in mind, the shape wasn't planned how ever, I made a boob with a sample for a wedding invite & the paper was so lush I came up with this solution, the patterned paper is from a download bought o the net, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
I new I was going to be having some crafty time so I asked Chris for a file to play with, I saw this new damask inspired file on her blog and thought it would be great for a card, sad I know but I actually couldn't sleep last night until i had though up what to so with it, she is one clever lady I'm sure you'll agree if you pop onto her blog you can buy this any many more fabby file's.
This one was an experiment, I have a craft fair in Easter where I can only sell product relating to Rennie Macintosh & William Morris so I wanted to find something different. I have my chair cards but wanted something that I could sell a little cheaper, I haven't played with my embossing powders for a long time so thought I should. I melted a little powder and then added another layer and melted again, keep going till you have enough & while it's still hot push in your chosen stamp, leave it there for a seconds until you feel it hardening & lift off. I'm really pleased with the effect and fits in well with the Macintosh look.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fabby News

As you can see at the side of my blog I have a fabby little graphic from Visual designs by Chris Durnan as I have been asked to join her creative team :) I'm still in shock but very honoured and can't wait to get stuck in, here's my first creation made from one of Chris's files. Chris is a very talented paper lovin crafter who also happens to create the most lush files for cutting machines, available for purchase at I'm really looking forward to working with her & the team :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Little Bit Of Sugar!

DD was out shopping for kitty toys, hubby had DS out swimming so I had a couple of hours to craft just what Sundays should made of :) I had a design team work to do, can say too much at the moment but when i can you'll be the first to know. I was on a role so decided to play with my Nellie's just the one seen as the brood all came home just as I finished her, ain't she a cutie & very simple just how I like them.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ickle Baby

We're getting a new addition to the family a little ragdoll kittie :) I say we but it's really my Mum & Abbie's baby, he was picked out today and join's us in 3 weeks

I've fallen in love with this Abyssinian, I've alway wanted a chocolate pointed siamese untill I saw pics of this beauty, the breeder has a litter due soon and i have first choice if I want one :) unfortunatly things are hotting up with the shop and may have to put this want on hold for a year- we'll see!

Here he is again sitting on the top of the sofa looking at his bro & sister aaawwww

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Peek of New Stock

As well as getting a supplier with those fabby sock purse's I have found a great range of stamps from the U.S that I have fell in love with and I'm happy to say have just got an account with :) Here's a pic ain't they fab, I'm having great fun looking for stock from abroad!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Some Great News

Well I'm being naughty cause I can't share my news till it's all confirmed but lets just say I'll be busy with Elmo :)
Not much crafting will be done today as it's my turn to look after hubby seen as he's caught the bug from me, we have no heating as the gas board have cut us off due to a bad gas leak, great start to the new year! & it's my Dad's birthday!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Playing in my room

How much I've missed my craft room, unfortunately I had to spend soooo long cleaning it before I could find my desk, but I got there in the end. Now my mission was to get the hang of my Prisma Pencils, that hubby bought for my Christmas, easier said than done. I had bough some Zest it to blend them with but really didn't get on so then opted for Sansodor as recommended by the peeps at UKS, thankfully it worked a treat so I could finally show hubby the small fortune he had spent was worth it, I can honestly say these pencils will be with me for years, they are so lush!
Just a little close up, not that I claim to be an expert at colouring but i must admit the pencils really do make it easy, they are great. Mind you once I started making them I realised I really don't have a lot of goodies to make boy/men stuff not good so I'm on the hunt to rectify that :)

Not a lot

Well I'm jus about to head downstairs to my craft room-wooohoooo!!! The heating is on so it should be snug and I need to make at least one card for my Dad's birthday tomorrow but other than that i can play play play :)
I'll leave you with a pic of the last Christmas card I made for my Hubby's lovely Aunt & Uncle

This other pic is of a fabby little product that I found on the net and have been in touch with the supplier, I am so pleased to say I will be carrying them in the shop when it opens :) I'm sure they are going to sell like hot cakes as they are sooooo sweet & only £5!!! how cool is that.