Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Friday

Wooohoooo! It's Friday so to celebrate I made a ard usng my fav things, Embossing folder, Magnolia stamps & lush pink pokadot ribbon :)
I am really not getting a lot of crafting done since starting work, I can just about manage my two design teams and anything else made is a bonus but that's the way it's got to be at the moment. I guess I'm feeling fed up cause I don't see my wage at the end of the month with saving it just in case I find premises for a shop but if i don't need it I'm sure I'll manage to spend it LOL
Had a good day at work with Myra we have been working hard, well Myra has LOL we've got target to get each week, we look to get 90% and above where as the directors are looking for 95%-never gonna happen, anyway Myra and I have been busting a gut and it paid off. We reached 92.2%!!!! this is huge for the team as it's never been done before it was just a shame Mike wasn't in to enjoy the celebration. I do like the job but I'm needing something closer to home, I don't like not being there for the kids, I've been asked to stay on as they are impressed with how well I've fitted in and picked up the job but I've decided to actively look for something local in time for my contract finishing, just means if i don't find anything I can stay on with them :)
In the mean time I'm working with Myra to get her wedding invitations finalised, not being big head but they are real nice, she asked for brown & thistles to be incorporated!!! my head was in a spin with what to come up with, so went out on a limb and with the help of Elmo designed a lovely little thistle and a monogram with Myra & Jim Bobs initials, can't let you see it until its all agreed, the worst big is pricing LOL

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sugar Nellie Chalange 2

Well here's my offering, a tad late I'm afraid cause my we phone decided it didn't want to play this week!! not good, the theme is "dressing up" I'm aftaid my outfit is a tad boring but the papers I used where a bit busy to go wild but I like it. Pop over via the link on the right if you want to join in :o)
As for life things are just flying by at an alaming rate, before I now it Robert will be getting ready to leave us for another two month stint, not looking forward to that but it has to be done. I'm still working away but not enjoying it, I think I've just got too used to being able to do anything at the drop of the hat & after missng out in a few things at the kids school it really got to me, but needs must and all of that. As for the shop that seems to have taken a sudden stop, we where suposed to get an answer on the 5th Dec and haven't heard anyting, we had a couple of objections so it really isn't looking good, I may have to look for premises the way tings are going :(

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Well this is my scrummie hubbie's idea of not celebrating Valentine's day!!!!
Don't get me wrong we do like celebrating the day and being all romantic but we are usualy saving pennys for something so we agree not to do anything at all except have a take out meal, but for some reason he's decided not to it's all very lovely but it makes me feel sad becuase I didn't make him a card or get him a pressie :o(
To get him back I think I'll send him flowers to his work next year LOL

Friday, February 08, 2008

20% Off Visual Designs by Chris

Little old me has a card on the flyer and I can say her files are a dream to cut & use!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Wonderful Mr.Depp!

If you like musicals and haven't made it to see Sweeney Todd I'd highly reccomend you should, it's dark and moody just the way I lke it...the settings and costumes are great. I went again last night but this time I went with Mum oh he's uber lush I actually enjoyed it more the second time around:)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1st Sugar Nellie Challange

I am very happy to announce I have been picked to be a designer for the Sugar Nellie Blog so if you fancie having a go at this weeks challenge over at the Sugar Nellie Challange Blog if you fancie joinging in we have a "stard & strips" theme, it seemed only natural to pick this little rock star & all the other designers had the same idea LOL
If you don't have any of these wonderful stamps you can hop over to and fill your boots, they have just brought out a new range which is fabby & of course I had to buy some :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Arrival

Well after the most horrid journey through the snow on Friday we picked up this little beauty, he is a Blue Mitter Ragdoll and has been given the name of "Merlin" To all our amazement he has settle in brilliantly, loads of playing, sleeping and eating. He is great with the kids, loves Matthew to bits as he has more confidence with him but Abbie is learning and she is taking baby steps and is getting past her fears and thinks he's smashing so we're all pleased, he really didn't have an option to fit in with all the noise and excitement in this house. We have found him crying a couple of time and looking for some loves, it must be hard being without our brothers and sisters and all the other 5 cats, but he gets a cuddle and seems happy again. I'll no doubt bore you with more pics of him and some scrapping will defo have to be done as he's such a poser!!! Hate to think what I'll be like with my kitti when I get one, well if I get one thats some serious stash pennies just for a cat :)