Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Edwin

I haven't managed to get my photos uploaded onto the puter but I thought I'd share little Edwin, I can safely say I'm in love he is such a cutie

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Getting Sorted

Had a few orders to get through the past few weeks and I can finally see the might at the end of the tunnel I think! I'll have to get my beading head back on as I am seriously running out of stock the only problem is I have an itch to be creative when i should really just be productive, it never comes along when you want it too LOL

I have really reached the end of these babies too, only two to go :) I do love making them though apart from all the sanding LOL the letter 'N' has been covered in Swarovski's & looking stunning in real life.
Hope you are all getting ready for the big day I can't wait!!! not that we are up to anything flashy or the kids are getting anything huge but I am closing the shop for a couple of weeks and it is just going to be a great family time for us all. Best of all we are heading down to York for a week of exploring down that neck of the woods and a much needed and really looking forward visit to Hubby's Aunt & Uncle in Manchester, only 18 days to go!!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

hAnglar & stAnglar Request

I am not proud and I am going to beg on my knees if I need too!!!! Does anyone have any of these wonderful stamps for sale????


Would anyone like to do a stamped image swap for some I really really really want to have a play with these beauties & you can't buy them in the UK :( they should really make a sign for my 2 yr old hissi fit but a sad face will have to do LOL

Thought I'd share a couple more Chrimbo creations :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yummy Stock

Today I took delivery of a fab amount of the wonderful Elzybells rubber stamps, aren't they just the best :) I oooed and aaaaaed over them for a whole hour while Hubs shook his head in the corner LOL I went for the unmounted range as they are half the price which means more fabby designs to work with.

I couldn't resist this little fellow so only one ended up on the shelf, well in fact it was really hard putting all of them on the shelves LOL I decided this was going to be my Christmas card for this year, I can't tell you how wonderful these are to work with!!! and my customers love the fact the picture on the front comes coloured and helps those unsure about the shading etc. such a great feature well done Ela :)

Oh and I squeezed in another Christmas card for a special little baby out in Salt Lake City who we can't wait to meet :) I've never done a Santa in anything other than Red but I'm converted he looks sooo sweet even in pink!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Toodles & Binks

I had a chance to play with the fabby new stamps from Stampgalaxy

I may be biased but they really are great to work with, there are some new babes coming soon so watch their website for details :)

We've got snow :) & Crafting

There is nothing better than snow outside and a proper craft day :) Being beside the sea (you can see it in the distance!) it is very rare for us to have enough snow that the kids can play in so when it comes they have a ball & it's such a beautiful sight to see :)

I had a few more letter orders to get done, they are soo much fun & of course a couple of Chrimbo cards!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Xmas Cards

It's that wonderful time of year and I just can't get out of Christmas card mode!!! I really should be making for valentines and Mothers day LOL but I can't help sneaking in a few festive one's to get in the mood :) Today I have a day off work and lucky me I'm cleaning as our Christmas tree is going up tonight, early I know but it takes 5/6hrs as it's so big which makes me want it up and done or I just won't be bothered later!

This is my own cutie pie bear I just love him xx

I seemed to be in a blue card mood this week for some strange reason, this is my fav Santa stamp! I'm not normally into traditional stamps but this guy is just beautiful and a joy to use :)
Only 24 days to go eeeeeeeeeeek!