Thursday, October 12, 2006

Beautiful day!

These are my latest offerings to ebay, I really need to get back into this as it was great fun & I had a good customer base but with the move thats all fell away, if you'd like to check out others my ebay ID is handmadebyme2002 :O)

Wow we had a night of heavy rain and I was dreading taking the dog for a walk but to my delight it was beautiful, so after dropping the kids off at school I headed to the beach with Teal'c. We had a lovely time and he even managed not to chase any other dogs & get me into trouble which makes a change.
I managed a couple of things off my list done so here are the pics I managed today, Little Flowers is the first completed item that I've made with my baby. It once was a canvas that I fount when unpacking from the move & thought I'd give it a go- I was inspired with Flo & Co's creation of John F from the Chilis it's no where near her level but i thought I'd try.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thought I'd try to get pics working for my so fingers crossed you should be seeing my little piece of heaven :O)

I think we've cracked it!

Today was spent trying to create files for my new baby, my craft robo, it was a long process but worth it and at least it's another thing learned.
My next project will be to learn how to post pics on here for sharing, that will be fun :O)
To do list for tommorrow:-
Finish front door toppers
Take pics of ebay listing items
Finish off Halloween bag books & get pics taken 4 ebay
Make some jewellery 4 website
Sort & send jewellery orders
Take out mince 4 dinner