Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Catch Up

The 1st challenge has gone exceptionally well, thanx to all those who have joined in so far I'm sure the folk viewing will agree the cards so are wonderful! & it's not too late if you still want to send in your offerings.
To let you in on a little sneak piece of info we hopefully have a fabulous challenge coming up from a wonderful atrist in a couple of weeks so stay tuned & hope you will all join in xx

Haven't been up to much this week my poor Mam done her back in last week and she's really suffering, only managed to walk yesterday.
Matthew had his first tooth extraction today, my poor boy well in fact her was sooo much better than me about the whole thing. He has came home and taken over the computer & wanted to be mothered so I haven't been able to get on, he has decided that the whole tooth fairy thing will have to wait till his Dad gets back from America before he puts it under his pillow for her, aaaawwww I love the fact he's nearly nine & kept a lot of his innocence.

Hope you are all happy crafting xx

Friday, July 27, 2007

Challenge No.1

Time for the first 'Something for the Weekend' challenge me thinks, for this week the sugestion from the imag-e-nation forum was because of all the rain to have a.......
**black & white theme**
Anything goes & anyone can join, if you want your card added to the forum post a link in the comment box so i can find your card & paste it onto the blog, have fun!










Shirley Anne








Thursday, July 26, 2007


Got to try out my embossing folders last night & I'm soooo impressed with the results, especially after how easy they where to use, I love the top one as it can bee used to frame any embellishment and good for a quite last min card. I'll be adding more to my collection for sure, these little beauties where purchased from http://www.imag-e-nation/ the cheapest place I found and they have free p&p to boot along with great customer service what more do you need!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Sun was out...

...for a change, it will probably be raining tomorrow knowing our luck this summer it's just dreadful. Well with the sun out we spent some time in the garden doing some weeding and putting up the canes support for the peas, Abbie is getting right into it which is great

This is the bottom section of Mum's garden, it has come such a long way in such a short space of time, last year this was just a strip of grass with loads of huge over grown bushes & a pile of rubbish where the greenhouse is, as you can see it's a big improvement
This is our lettuce & cabbage bed they are doing great, we have eaten a few lettuce and they taste great unfortunately because they are organic they don't keep so we've learned just to take what we need, all part of learning how to grow your own I guess

Our canes are in and ready to plant which is a job for my little helper Abbie, Matthew on the other hand is away playing with the boys next door but I'm sure he'll appear when it's time to eat everything

I've got lots of new stash to play with, huge smile on my face!! The pic above is a kit bought from UKscrapper which I have 12 projects to do & I can't wait and the bottom pic is just stuff I treated myself to in the sales.

These lovely little pink recipe book stands I bought for the shop to display scrapbooks on i got them in the sale & they should look great in the shop.
Just want to add a BIG THANKYOU! to the peeps on the imag-e-nation forum for cheering me up yesterday with me not entering the comp & thanx to all the guys who have been posting there comments on here it's real nice to come on and find people have been looking around, it's quite mind blowing knowing that your coming from all over the world, hope you all have a great day where ever you are xx

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Never Mind

I'm afraid I done all the work for the Best Of British scrapbooking comp but I just couldn't hit the send button :O( I look about all these wonderful sites with their amazing creations and feel my work is no where near as good as that, I had great fun doing the layouts though so no all is lost and that's more than I managed to get done last year, how bad is that!

I love using things that have belonged to people in my pages with this layout I had some old clothes after clearing out the kid's wardrobe so thought I could use the buttons in some way & as you'll see with my layouts i have a thing with hidden pictures and journeling.

This layout was from a sketch from a blogg, I'll have to find the name later sorry, I never scrap me so this was a real huge out of my comfort zone!But it has my fave colour and fav peeps xx

I waned to try and mess about with the photo's in this one, not too sure about it but I like the last pic as it's printed in black & white and then I water coloured his hair and butterfly it looks quite cute.

This one of my Mum is vary rare she never gets her picture taken & will not be best pleased when she see's it's on my blog hahaha, all the embellishments are handmade on this one

I just love this paper and couldn't wait to use it, I bought is knowing Matthew was having a bowling party so new it wouldn't lye around like the rest of my papers. I didn't have a template for a skittle to use with Elmo so had to cut them out freehand, I really like this one it's just taken a long time to get done!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Step By Step

If your looking for instructions for making your own mobile/handbag charms I was published in this fab machazine with all sorts of great crafts,

Have fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Busy Bee Today

Well here it is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my dream car I announced to hubby today :O) oh he was sooo pleased NOT! Isn't it lush, this will be once I pass my driving licence that is heehee these pics will keep me going in the mean time xx

Well today while the rain was off Mum & I decided to do some gardening, I did some weeding in her garden first, there is still loads to do but it's looking great considering how it looked a year ago. I then found some onions that hadn't been planted in her greenhouse so I dug over my second bed and popped them in with come beetroot, carrots & radish, fingers crossed they come up. We did manage to pull some spring onions & a couple of lettuce, I made some wraps with mince & salad and they were real good, can't wait to see how the cabbage turn out.

Our first crop

My Dad made these great beds for me, I came up with what I was wanting and he made it possible how fab is that. They are just great & will look great when they are all finished with their paths etc. but my Dad is a busy man & has too much on but I can wait as I can still use them and so far are working a treat!

Topper Sales

I'm getting fed up with selling my toppers through various places on the Internet I find one week they don't sell and then the next week the price goes through the roof but with all the charges I end up feeling customers are paying far too much and I pay far too many charges so I'm thinking of selling them here!
Well not here exactly on a page on my jewellery site but I'll announce it here when I have some for sale, I've heard quite a few people doing this and never really gave it a thought that I could.

Yesterday I had my Abbie's birthday tea it was pouring with rain but we had a blast there was ten kids & two babies & the mums. We had lots to eat & the kids all played in my two's rooms, there wasn't a cross word between them all and hardly any mess, great success.
Today however I'm knackered and going to spend some time in the garden with Abbie & Mum we have some serious weeding to do and I need to get some more veggies planted. Tonight i plan to get into my craft room as it looks like a bombsite, I got a lot of new stash and need to find a place for it all, oh what fun, I'll get some pics up later promise

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nothing Much!

Hi there I've not got much news I'm afraid, the kids are away with my Mum & Dad for a weeks caravaning down near Aviemore and me and hubby are left to paint. I can't understand how tired I am when all I'm doing is painting, but it's been good spending time just the two of us not having anyone else to worry about or fit in with.
We treated ourselves to dinner on Thursday before heading for some messages & I thrilled to bits to announce I managed to buy two size 14 top from the clothing section and they fit great :O)
Not sure what the next few weeks will bring with the kids being off school, Aaron is coming out to look at the shop this week so fingers crossed he comes with good news and ideas for the shop, hope to share some pic's soon take care xx