Friday, July 18, 2008

Calling All Crafters In The Area

Sorry I've not been in touch for a while I've been megga busy trying to get the shop sorted! life is just whizzing buy at some speed at the moment, it's pretty scary!!
The shop have a huge studio attached that I will be using for workshops 2/3 times a week which seems such a waste so I am looking to use it as a gallery or other artists in the area. I have a load of bookcases being put in along with shelving etc so plenty room for stock, as we also have huge walls so loads of room for artwork which is great.
The way it will work will be you price and label your stock
You will have a 3 month slot after which if you'd like you'll be added to the bottom of the artist list and given a call when the next slot is available
We'll arrange one day in the week for stock to be added and any payouts, we will take 30% com
Advertising will be done monthly through the Knock news and next year in NEOS
If you'd like to join us please pop and i can fill you in,
I'll be opening the gallery in the week after 3rd August due to me going in holiday.
If you can think of anyone else who might be interested please pass them my details,you can find us
34 south castle street, cullen

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Pics

My Fabby PINK Chairs!!!

Gotta have a PINK wall shot LOL

I wish yu could smell this stuff it's lush

My logo awaiting to be put up outside

Yummy stock :)

That's all the pics I have to bore you with for now anyway LOL things are going great and I should be getting my workshops sorted pretty soon which will be brill, all in all I am a very lucky and very happy bunny!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We are Open For Business!!!!!!

Well we made it wooooohooooo!!! I opened my door last Monday, a week earlier but I thought I may as well as I was through the back sorting my craft room so the company was welcome. For my first week a did exceptionally well ans I'm really chuffed to bits with how things are going. I had my launch party on Saturday, it went really well and a huge thanx to all my lovely friends who turned up xxx

Well this week I'm still stocking the shelves and trying to sort out advertising as so far I have done none!!! I know it's bad but thankfully I haven't needed to LOL and I'm thinking if things are this good without advertising what are they going to be like when I do!!!

I have just about sorted my new craft room out and hopefully will have a bit of spare time to get the pics posted, at the min I'm working 8 hr shifts but I love it :)