Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Haven't been able to post much due to Christmas and oh my new job LOL so there will be no picks of any crafting I'm afraid because quite frankly I have none :( feeling a bit down over the lack of crafting going on in my life at the moment, never mind I'll make up for it when the shop is up and running :)
Hope you have a wonderful New Year, may it bring you what your looking for xxx
Here's to 2008!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Elmo Files

Just a quick on today I'm afraid as work is just making the days fly past so have only walked past my craft room this wee :o(
I am currently offering some craft robo files for sale, they are created by me and for personal use only, I'm trying to raise some funds for the shop re-furb and came up with the idea thanx to an email from a lady wishing to purchase some from me, fingers crossed I'll sell a few :o)
They can be found at
If you do decide to purchase any please send me an email to let me know, for some reason Paypal aren't informing me when a purchase is made!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back at Work!

Wow I forgot what it was like to go to work LOL having a blast though, the girls are lovely and really friendly, I'm still very much a fish out of water but I'll get there. I was asked to take in my jewellery and sold quite a lot which was nice so I have a whole set of new customers waiting for the shop open which is fantastic and hopefully a few crafters can be made out of them!!!!
Not got any crafting done because of it though but I have done something unusual and put some robo files on the net for sale mainly Macintosh,
if you want a peek my ebay Id is
Off to catch up with my cleaning now and hope to squish in some craft time with my new rubber stamps from Funkykits :o)

Friday, December 07, 2007

No pics today

I'm afraid I've been making loads of Macintosh cards since my last post so no pics of nothing new, I know that the fair isn't till next year but with me starting my new job on Monday I wanted to get as much done with my free time so I'm not stressing nearer the fair, plus I have loads of ideas with the cut our for other project's if I didn't get the cards out the way I wouldn't have to time!
I did manage to spend some pennies over at Funky kits last night with their new launch of designs, I didn't manage to bag any new one's so I cheered myself up with a couple of boys from the Sugar Nellie range, I went for Pirate, knight oh and little nellie sitting with heart :o) lovely!
Have a busy weekend ahead, getting my hair done- treat from hubby for new job, off to Aberdeen Chrimbo shopping and buying some clothes for work, Christmas party on Sunday which I have still to buy pressies for the kids for-opps! and on Monday start new job! just a few things happening so I don't see any crafting happening LOL

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Macintosh Cards

Well how please am I with how these have turned out, I know it's not normal to have a chair on a birthday card but lovers of Macintosh won't mind I'm sure, any other suggestions would be greatly received :)

Playing with Elmo

I am soo happy with the way these files have turned out :) I was very kindly asked last week to have a stall selling cards early next year the only problem being is all the cards have to be Macintosh or William Morris themed, not a Major problem I know but I didn't want to spend any money on stamps as the couple I have at the mo gather dust. I decided i would try create a simple rose- Simple it was not!!! but i got there in the end and because i had y creative head on i fancied making a Mac chair as i just love them and would like to own one, so this will have to do just now LOL I must admit I am rather chuffed with myself & I might have some fabbie news regarding them to share with you later in the year, which means I can't share the file sorry.

Monday, December 03, 2007

All done plus deco's

Finally got my card list done pics taken (thought not very good soz) and uploaded to the puter, no doubt I'll have more to make & I'll probably be using tildas or sugar nellies LoL I just love them and they have got be back into stamping big time!!

Well mine are up, granted later than expected, I normally get them up on the 1st, we put on the Christmas songs get in nibbles for dinner and get stuck in, but this year the village where having disco's for the kids after the light's where switched on so we had to wait till Sunday. I didn't get my songs on though because Star wars was on - never mind! Well we started about 4.30pm and i finished at 11.30pm!!!! I did cook our nibbles in between and eat so take off an hour LOL It's all worth it in the end though as I love this time of year and always always make the most of it.

3 to go

Needed another 80th birthday card because the first one I'd made had to be un-80th as I forgot to make a card for my Mum's friend-opps I used a little tilda that was given to me from a swap i did, ain't she gorgeous I will hopefully be giving a home to a few more if the shop opens.

4 to go

Not my own idea I took insperation from another blogger along my travels in blog land but can't remember where, it's really effective apart from my photography LOL got lots of pics to pop through out the day :o)