Friday, January 30, 2009

My Babies Missing Tooth!!!

I know it's nothing to do with crafting but I felt really sad when my baby lost her first tooth :( it wasn't that I felt old I just felt a tug at my heart when it happened, silly I know!

I was naughty last week I found a sale on my fav Magnolia stamps wooohooo so I just had to give a few of them a home :) I bought a few more boys as I see to favor the girls more and then this little angel fell into my cart :)

I have had to spend a lot of time stocking up on my jewellery as the Christmas rush had near wiped me out, I found these lush lampwork beads and had to have a play, I did hover have a go at making my own necklace stands, I'm really please with how they turned out, the downside was the card I used I only had 3 bits left :(

Love is in the air over here at the shop xoxoxox the windows are decorated, I've been to Ikea to get more shelving for the ever increasing amount of stock I seem to be getting :) and I am in the middle of making Valentines cards, I thought I had enough from last year but no- thats what I get for not checking before now LOL

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Space

This post is inspired by a thread on a place i like to hangout, I feel rather ashamed as so many peeps have lovely co-ordinating places to create and i just work in a muddle, in fact the pictures are actually my work space tidy for a change LOL This space is in the shop so i use it for card & jewellery making and my so called scrapbooking- that these days I never get round too :(
If I get a change tomorrow I will take pics of my studio at the bottom of our garden, I share with my Mum, it is still work in progress but usable. Mum does her stained glass there and I have my potters wheel & kilns.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Having fun :)

I haven't had much time to play this week with doing the decorations for our local town hall's Burns Supper. I love these little fairies they are great fun and going down a treat with the kids friends. I'll be off card making for a while as I am way low with my jewellery & unfortunately the card making will have to suffer, well all apart from my fabby design team work!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Beauties!!

I am in love with these fabby little babies :) They are a download from a site in the Sates( I'll find link and add later sorry) they where available in rubba but I wanted to play straight away- as you do! It's weird to explain but they are great to colour in and easy peasy, I can see me playing with these a lot so I hope they release more designs as I'll buy them all :) They sentiment on the card is from the wonderful Elzybells range it just went perfect with the faeries, she is to damn clever that girl LOL

Friday, January 16, 2009

You're so Tweet!!

In between customer orders I had a chance to play with some more fabby Toodle & Binks stamps they are just the best!!
I've got a few things to share, some super uber sweet faeries & my Tilda & Edwin obsession has expanded again :) I'll be stuck in the shop making valentines cards tomorrow- I love it!!
Oh if your into knitting and are near pop ito the shop tomorrow between 10.30-12.30 for the knitting club, I'm lovin it so far I've completed two pair of fingerless gloves, a camera case for my camcorder & currently working on two blankets for the Feed The Children charity :) very productive but as always not in the ways that I should be like sorting website LOL

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Boy

Two posts in the one evening I know but I need to get this down, my handsome but above is very ill and I know I'll be stressing over the next two weeks until he gets his scan and we find out how bad his problems are. He is called Teal'c and will be 8 next month and is totally camera shy, I am nit kidding!!!the middle pic was him actually barking at me for shoving the camera in his face LOL He is old I know but up until a few months he was still bounding about like a little puppy and then he just went down hill and things have just got bad in a scary way :(
The vet found a tumor, a swollen pancreas, bladder problems and his heart murmur has got that bad they may not be able to put him in for an op to get the tumor removed, so it's not looking good for my baby.
Sorry I just wanted to get this off my chest, thanx for listeming Ger xxx

Cards at last!!!

Don't ask!!! this was a request from a customer LOL

My new lush stamp from sugar nellie :) I am waiting to pre order their new babies this week

I just lurve these beauties, I am actually thinking I should add more to my ever expanding collection, have to do it soon as hubs is away and I don't have to hide the parcels LOL
I haven't managed on here lately as I've been sooo busy in the shop, I've had soooo much stock arrive which is great but not when you have to mark it all off, price and find a home for it all. I think I am just about fit to burst and if I get any more craft stuff in I'll have to head into the Crafters Gallery LOL

I have also been battling mentally with my other hobby-eating!!! I just lurve food :) :) oh yes but as you can imagine after to kids, eating what I like and letting my exercise basically grind to a sharp halt, I have decided to get back in control. I am two weeks into it and so far going great, for the first time I actually feel I am in control for a change, I am not doing anything major just cutting out junk sun-thur and pleasing myself Frid & Sat without going overboard. My biggest achievement has been, now don't laugh, I have managed to walk around for two weeks with a few chocolate bars in my bag without being tempted!!! This is something quite major for me and my secret I think about what I'm going to eat, ask if I really need it & then ask if I want to stay a lardy arse LOL that is it :)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I forgot about this little baby so thought I'd pop it on, it's been a while since I've been on I really don't know where the time goes, this year I am going to try make a better effort to blog as I have been sadly lacking LOL
Hope Christmas was everything you hoped it would be and you all have a wonderful 2009!!!