Monday, July 14, 2008

More Pics

My Fabby PINK Chairs!!!

Gotta have a PINK wall shot LOL

I wish yu could smell this stuff it's lush

My logo awaiting to be put up outside

Yummy stock :)

That's all the pics I have to bore you with for now anyway LOL things are going great and I should be getting my workshops sorted pretty soon which will be brill, all in all I am a very lucky and very happy bunny!


Liz said...

Love the workshop and your fab pink chairs Ger. Everything looks great. Have you drawn breath yet? x

Romaine said...

The store looks beautiful. Good luck with your new store. I hope you make millions. Romaine

Margaret A said...'s absolutely can you bear to let anybody touch it. Customers just mess things up. Good luck and if I'm in the area I'll def pop in....and I promise not to touch.

kes said...

your store is pinky perfect good luck

Nicci said...

Ger your shop is looking FANTASTIC and that pink WOW, if we ever get sent back up that way again at least i know there is finally some craft shops around yeahhhh, all the best and i hope it is a raging success


linz said...

Well i'll see if i can pop in while am at Macduff