Sunday, June 14, 2009

Copics Tutorial

We took delivery of the wonderful Greeting Farm Rubber this week!!!! I've been asked a few times to do a tutorial for colouring with Copics so thought I'd combine the two, but please note I am at no means great with the old colouring LOL

I use only two for my flesh tones E00 & E53, other peeps use more but for quickness or probably laziness on my part I use just two. First of all stamp your image using a non alcohol based ink, the Copics make other inks run.

Colour all your skin parts with a base coat of E00

Decide which direction your sun is coming from so all your shading is more realistic and even, take the E53 and place a small line around any place a natural shade would occur-see close up below.
Some people like this effect and leave it there but I like to blend it in so I go back over again with E00, you can create a water colour effect if you play about but for this tutorial I have blended the colour across- see below

Hair is the more tricky part I think, for this one I have gone for an all over base of Y06
Y16 is used for darker sections, let it dry for a few seconds and then go round the edge of each darker section to add depth, letting it dry means you don't need another shade as Copics are great for layering colour.

Edge the lighter sections with Y16 and then blend in with Y06 and again this gives depth.

I used B05 for her tail & top and like the hair let it dry, then coloured over to add shading detail- see below

I've just added some glitter detail and adhesive pearls and that's her ready to go onto a card :)

Like I say I am not great at it but I hope you may find it helpful, I'll hopefully be able to go further with my Copics when the stock for the shop arrives as they are just the best!!!
I almost forgot to tell you if you are aboout near the store on the 4th & 5th July we are celebrating our 1st birthday by giving our wonderful customers 20% off all our crafting supplies!!!
We'd love to see you there :)

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Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Great tutorial Ger, well done.

Did you get my recent email about classes. Can you get back to me