Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lush Beads Arrived At Cullen Crafts

Took delivery of some truly beautiful beads this week :) Its busy busy trying to keep up with my beaders appetite but also means we can bring you lots of great new beads & the best bit is seeing my beaders get all excited about the new stock(I have to be pc by saying beaders as I now have quite a few men making jewellery!!)
You don't really get a great idea of how wonderful the colours are in this range as ,y pics aren't the best lol
Below pic is a before and above was the result of me having a play, they are 20mm so make a great size pendant when top & tailed with some Tibetan silver findings.
Below is the smaller size, just as vibrant but ickle & cute!

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ilovehearts said...

Love the new lush beads. Gorgeous bright colours. They look like Christmas baubles x