Saturday, October 06, 2007

Special Visitor

Well even though I'm still ill the door went yesterday and the building warrant officer was there :o) How happy was I to see him, unfortunately Robert was out with the dog i was in my PJ's and hadn't been for a shower, what a peach!!!
I took him to the shop and went through a few things, he was happy with the access from the lane and even suggested i applied for planing to put a sign out in the street. We discussed the fact of no toilet and because I'm the only one working in the place it's fine to use the house one, which was a relief and then his best parting comment as he was heading out the door was he wished me will with the business and hoped it was really successful!!!!!!
I couldn't believed it, so it sound's like it's going ahead & it cheered me up a bit shame i can't eat, I can't believe I haven't eaten or been in my craft room since Wednesday.

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