Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lola & Bella

Been playing today with my Lola downloads from Pinkpetticoat man I love that site if you haven't checked it out you should!! & I got a couple of new Stamping Bella's from my lovely local craft shop :o) Happy bunny I am!

Got some great news regarding the shop plans the change of use & the building warrant are in plans accepted this time & everything is pending consideration- woooohooooo! all I have to now is wait again! never mind it's two steps closer than before and it will all be worth it in the end :o) Got it all sorted before heading off on hols to Skegness I can't wait we haven't been on a proper holiday together at all and Abbie is now 5, any time off we had was spend visiting & now we share a house with my folks we can have the time to ourselves for a change.
Another great bit of news was my hubby got his place at uni for his masters degree next year, I'm so pleased for him. It means he also gets promoted but on a down side he'll live at York for a year and then move on to his now job which will be in England :o( We'll be doing a lot of travelling again, it will be all worth it though.

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Ewonne said...

Pretty cards! Nice colours and fab stamps ☺
//Ewonne ♥