Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Bag & Knitting

i treated myself the other month to a new bag, the only problem being the size!!! when I ordered it I thought it was a little cute size but it arrived and it's a monster LOL not a bad thing as I get all my rubbich into it but still a shock :)

I have also taken up knitting again but only small things with very little sewing needed as I am awful at the sewing bit LOL I started with fingerless gloves and had some wool left so made a camcorder bag for our new digi camera. I got the buttons from the best button store I have ever been in down in York, they have a wall filled with boxes and the boxes have boxes with buttons, they are even colour coded along the wall it looks megga fab. I am currently learning to knit socks nearly finished one but it hasn't been easy LOL I'll show you the results if i finish two!!



Lovely new bag hun, it wont take too much to fill it! hugs Linda x

Biliana Savova said...

the bag is so cute :)

have a nice day