Thursday, February 05, 2009

Updated Shop Pics

It's been a while since I shared pics of the shop with you so while I was quiet yesterday I snapped away.
This is the main shop floor view from my office, it looks a bit cramped but when you are actually in it's very roomy. The black shelves are the ones my lush hubs too me to Ikea for, they are really great and go up in no time at all. I like them that much I have 5 more for use in the studio as I think I will have to start moving it to get more of a choice of stock for my regulars :)

I've changed my windows for valentines day as well and I am very pleased. I bought the smaller cube unit from Ikea for the window and it have made such a difference, there is more light in the shop and for some reason it look nicer to the eye from the outside.

This is where the old cube unit ended up :) I am soo hoping my craft room will be better organized...... not lightly!!!

I'll leave you with a pic of the flowers my Hubs sent me the other day to cheer me up, he was only home for three day after 2 weeks+ away and I felt really down cause I missed him soo much, ain't he sweet. I'd not a very good pic though, do you like my vase LOL it's something I don't have in the shop so the watering jug had to do :)


Sarah said...

Your shop is looking great Ger!

If i'm ever up your way i'll pop in :-)

clare said...

wow..Ger..your own craft im really jealous of you..this is a dream of mine..but the way things are now..i think it will stay a dream for a very long time :-(
but you have done fab here the look of the shop,and the window display looked gorgeous..and how sweet of hubby to buy you flowers.
well done girl and all the best xx clare xx

Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

Wow, it's looking really great. I can't wait to come up to see it soon.

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