Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Award

I fee really guilty as my lovely friend & fellow DT bud Clare gave me this award and I forgot to add it to my blog, sorry hun!!
I have to pass it onto 5 other peeps now this will be the hard part
1st is the wonderful Calv
He is the only bloke I know who crafts and does it so damn well & every time I visit his blog I always come away smiling
No.2 ... will have to wait as I have just noticed the time and I am on the school run in the morning soz
No.2 Has to be the lovely Jenny
She does the most beautiful cards & she recently made me smile by agreeing to take some card classes at the shop :) and when she comes for a little stamping session she always cleans my rubber for me!!

1 comment:

jenny said...

Thanks Ger!! I will add it to my blog later x
I will be popping into the shop this w/e :0)