Monday, April 13, 2009


Just a quick one to say we are no live, a lot still to do but we'll get there & to start things rolling I am offering a 15% discount to my blog readers :) Till Friday enter the following code



CorriganCards said...

The website looks great - well done! I've had a nosy and made a wish list for when I get some spare money together. I did notice that on the ribbon though, you haven't put how much ribbon is in a spool?

clare said...

thanks hun..just taking a look round now..fancy a paper pad..but before i go to checkout..i was woundering as i cant find you sell that stuff that you got to put on rubber stamps to use on a plastic block..hope you know what i mean..bought a gorjuss stamp the other day..but ive got nothing to put it on to my i normally only use clear stamps..let me know if not no worries ill just buy the paper pad....thanks hun xx and good luck with the website xx hugs clare xx

ger76 said...

Thanx I'm working my way throught the ribbon now, I lost all the pics in info I was hoping to put on this moringing!!!

The usual nothing ever runs smooth LOL

ger76 said...

Clare are you on about the easy mount?

I normally have it but out at the mo, have you tried glue stick!! thats what I use to mount it onto the acrylic blocks:)

clare said...

thanks hun..will give that a go.
right off to go to check out..and fingers crossed ive got enough in pay pal..if not ill be back on payday..thanks hun and good luck xx do you want me to put something on my blog for you about the shop?just let me know always happy to help out hugs clare xx

ger76 said...

No probs hun glad I could help :)
That would be lovely if you would,

Ger xxx

Maggie Bob said...

Oh congratulations! The website is looking fabulous.


jo said...

Looks fab - might have to take a drive out to Cullen!