Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am just loving the deco flowers and can't seem to stop playing with them!!! The pad comes in at £8.50 with is high end for the shop but when I calculated it out there are 24 pages in the pad and that would work out about 35p each flower but it's way better than that as you don't have to layer them as much, that way you can get double from it I've been getting 2 from a page which brings it down to 17p approx :) Bargain and pretty at the same time :)

I have decided to get this range of decoupage in the shop!!! I have fell in love with the artwork, and have an order sent away which will have cars, trucks, trains, motorbikes and a few other designs I just thinks it's a bit different :)

Our roads 2 weeks ago!!!

and finally this past couple of days it finally seems to be going at last, only problem is the rain seems to be coming instead. The next time it rains I will remind myself not to wish it was snowing lol

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Beth said...

Awesome effect with the acetate and your color combo is so sweet and happy! Perfect card to brighten a dreary day