Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Party Crafting :D

It was my beautiful daughters 9th birthday in July when we where on holiday so we decided to have it a wee bit early and her theme was Cupcake crafting party, with lots of colour and Mamma bear had full control over what was happening with the exception on the Cup Cake fondu which was a must have request :) Many an hour was spent drooling over the wonderful creations found in the U.S for parties and I just loved the way everything was themed and matched so I set to work getting a little obsessed!

 My poor fridge was groaning with the amount of food prep the night before, Willy Wonka would have been proud!!

Before and after shots of the food table

I purchased a printable birthday kit from Anders Ruff on Esty and it was money well spent, I wanted to make sure the party had a wow factor but without the cost so a good few weeks before I decided on the food and which decorations I'd need to print/cut out and spend hours looking through the web to find decorations makes that where easy on the pocket, like the pom pom's above which came from the wonderful Martha Stewart.

Silly touches like the labels for the lolly pops where a bit ott but great fun and tied everything together

 I found great glass jars holding sweets on many U.S sites but I didn't want to risk it with my lot so I checked out ebay and found these cute jars which can be reused again in the shop.

Watergate was a source of amusement for my family as I obsessed about having water bottle square not round :D it just looked better honest!!!

Matching tableware was a must as there is no point going to all the effort to have a white plate and napkin and they looked so sweet with traditional paper doilies that where also used in the decorations, from Poundland bargain!

 Favour table was so cute and a last minute idea from my Dad, I was so wrapped up on the food looking great lol
I had all the treats and favours laid out beside the crafty goodies the kids where going to be working with and it look fab

My baby is growing up fast :D

 This beauty was a full 30cm hight once complete :D

Cupcake fondue and showing off their beautiful Tiaras

 Handmade props went down a treat 
Real poser 

We couldn't resist joining in :D

last minute fun before the clear up!
 It was a great day and one I hope she'll remember for a long time, I just hope she's not expecting the same next year lol

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