Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How Bad Am I????

I have soooooooo let my blog down :O( been really busy though in my defence, things with the shop aren't much better I'm sorry to say. Why is it folks don't tell you the whole picture untill your neck up in poo, it looks like we're on for the planning permission but it turns out the building warrent is a bigger deal. We have enlisted the help of an architect who has came out for a look at the shop an thinks we;ll get it fine, unfortunatly the bad news is we have the most stricked guy in the council dealing with it, never mind whats another spanner in the works. This means the shop will be open christmas/new year time, not good for the tourist season but great for getting into a routine and getting the workshops up and running & hopefully the crop club, never mind it will all be good in the end.Here are some random pics from the past few weeks ......

I've also been busy scrapbooking WOW I know, I looked at the pile of my pictures that keeps getting bigger so in my quest to give myself a kick up the ass I decided to enter Scrapbooking Best Of British, scarey as hell but so far I've completed 3 layouts in three days a complete record for me.

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