Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Cut Hut Open For Business

A persistent customer!

The Salon

The proud owner
Sorry I've been a really bad blogger, been busy helping a mate jutta to get her hairdressers up an running for her grand opening which has been great fun, if your ever passing through Cullen and fancy a trim then pop in to The Cut Hut. I'm so pleased for her, she has worked so hard getting it all together and I'm sure they will be queuing out the door once she's opened. Bless her heart she has even asked if I will put some jewellery and cards in the shop to sell for me isn't that nice. We're having a great time getting to know each other & as time goes on we are finding out how alike we are & how we like the same things-SPOOKY
Anyway sending help all the luck in the world and every success, you never now there may be a Cut Hut opening near you!
Me on the other hand am still having major problems with my shop regarding the planning dept, they have sent back the plans again :o( so I'm not a happy bunny, hubby is going to have another look over then and maybe give them a phone as they aren't happy with the plans the Architect done for us. I think opening day will be at the end of summer now which is a shame as I'll miss a lot of the tourist trade but it means I can get myself sorted with the workshops & get into a routine before next summer. I have been managing to get some crafting done but haven't had the time to take any pics before giving the items to my customers but hopefully I'll get myself sorted this week.

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zombiecazz said...

Oh yes do gt yourslf organised :o) I would love to s some of your jewellery.