Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hubby Home

I'm a happy bunny Hubby got home safe and well on Saturday, he was due back on Friday but as usual like in the RAF never runs to plan, never mind he's back safe and well. The kids were so please to see him, i never tell them he's coming back in case he gets delayed as there would be disappointment & bad moods & I'm the one left to deal with it. I must admit it's a whole lot better when he's away now that we share with Mum & Dad, i have adults to talk to and the kids have two other's to bug!! I just wish my Dad would lighten up and get on better with Hubby it really gets me down as my Dad's mood change is disturbing it's like a light being switched off when Hubby walks thought the door, but enough of that horrid stuff.
I've been topper making,scrapping & card making a bit more lately seen as things with the shop are not moving, funny though it hasn't stopped my buying nice decorative bits though :O) I got a lovely PINK(of course) leatherette pen tidy reduced to £8 bargain & even better I got some recipe book stands PINK again that I'm going to use for showing scrap albums for 75p each so I just had to buy 3. I've got my bookcase's all picked out and even have to colours sorted, I'm all sorted but just need the council to be on my side for a change and give me my planning permission & building warrant, pretty pleeeease!!

I'm soooo excited for Jutta she's half way through her ninth week and she's beaten her busiest yet- woooohooooo, she had so little confidence so I hope this will make he believe in herself as she is great at what she does. I'm actually being your guinea pig tomorrow she's having a hair colour technician come and give her some training, it should be great fun and I'm looking forward to getting something different.
Here are few pic's of what i've been up too over the past few weeks-

Fed up wi this rain!

Flowers for 10th Anniversary from Hubby

Card I made for Hubby xxx

Toppers I made for sale on Ebay

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