Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is what they are all about, Mum & Dad where out shopping and Hubby & Kids where swimming so I had the house all to myself. I cranked the Red Hot Chili Peppers up full, thank fully we have no neighbours LOL, and I went for a shower, I was singing and dancing to my hearts content! now there's a vision. I gathered up my mini T.V, laptop, coffee,prisma pencils & headed to my room :) Oh I had a fab time playing, although I didn't get as much made as I wanted but there is always next week, I'd love to say tomorrow but I never get the time now a days!!! i did however have to tidy up before I could start anything as everything has just been dumped in over the week, so the fist pic is a before shot but really you wouldn't know I had done anything :)
This is it tided LOL
I've been desperate to play with my cowboy stamp since I made the file in Elmo with him in mind, the shape wasn't planned how ever, I made a boob with a sample for a wedding invite & the paper was so lush I came up with this solution, the patterned paper is from a download bought o the net, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
I new I was going to be having some crafty time so I asked Chris for a file to play with, I saw this new damask inspired file on her blog and thought it would be great for a card, sad I know but I actually couldn't sleep last night until i had though up what to so with it, she is one clever lady I'm sure you'll agree if you pop onto her blog you can buy this any many more fabby file's.
This one was an experiment, I have a craft fair in Easter where I can only sell product relating to Rennie Macintosh & William Morris so I wanted to find something different. I have my chair cards but wanted something that I could sell a little cheaper, I haven't played with my embossing powders for a long time so thought I should. I melted a little powder and then added another layer and melted again, keep going till you have enough & while it's still hot push in your chosen stamp, leave it there for a seconds until you feel it hardening & lift off. I'm really pleased with the effect and fits in well with the Macintosh look.

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Lori said...

Wow, that Renne Macintosh card is absolutely stunning. And I love the little cowboy card- yeeha!