Saturday, January 05, 2008

Playing in my room

How much I've missed my craft room, unfortunately I had to spend soooo long cleaning it before I could find my desk, but I got there in the end. Now my mission was to get the hang of my Prisma Pencils, that hubby bought for my Christmas, easier said than done. I had bough some Zest it to blend them with but really didn't get on so then opted for Sansodor as recommended by the peeps at UKS, thankfully it worked a treat so I could finally show hubby the small fortune he had spent was worth it, I can honestly say these pencils will be with me for years, they are so lush!
Just a little close up, not that I claim to be an expert at colouring but i must admit the pencils really do make it easy, they are great. Mind you once I started making them I realised I really don't have a lot of goodies to make boy/men stuff not good so I'm on the hunt to rectify that :)


Lori said...

Cute cards Ger, and I love the birthday titles! Still getting to grips with my prismas too but they do look so good when you get it right!

Marlou said...

fab cards!! love them!! thanks for lovely comment :) x

Andrea, said...

Fabulous cards

Kim said...

Love these ....... fabbilosooooo