Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Has Arrived :D

Well my lovely hubby cleaned the place while I was at work ready for big Bertha to go up, I have a thing that the place must be clean before the tree goes up I hope it's not just me lol
I just love Christmas defo my most fave time of the year, we listen to Chrimbo songs or have a Chrimbo movie on, have special nibbles while trimming the tree & I get all cranky cause the deco's ain't spaced evenly!! I have an extra worry this year as we have a 5 month old Devon Rex kitten called Lily in the family now and she's just loving the new climbing frame :(
Never mind it's only for a few weeks and the kids done great with the tree so I'm happy, just need to finish the present shopping and then I can shut shop when the bug man is due and enjoy the season :D
Have fun playing spot Lily in the bottom picture, she was doing her best trying to hide lol

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