Monday, December 26, 2011

All Over For Another Year

Well all that stressing, running around like headless chickens making sure no one was missed or everyone had enough from Santa it was all over in a quick flash!! By the sounds of the squeals and the yes yes yes's Santa done good as far as my two where concerned I'm please to say :) and spoilt rotten as usual from friends and family so thankyou!!
We had a pretty relaxed affair with an 8 o'clock rise, that is never known in our house hubs and I really enjoyed it lol followed by an hours present un wrapping, breakfast then a couple of hours of playing with our gifts before I got stuck into the dinner with all hands on deck.
Now I don't normally post a Christmas day run through but this year The Boy has gotten into cooking and wanted to make the Christmas desert. I wasn't going to stand in his way so below is my fab Chrimbo Santa cake stand from my folks, a plate for my Christmas indeed I adore cake stands lol anyhoo, a fantastic mahemoth meringue topped with a fruit Chrimbo tree, it tasted and looked great and was a nice change from the normal rich pud after the main meal, as you can see there wasn't much left after :D yum thanx babe x

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