Monday, November 24, 2008

Beautiful City Of York

I have got some crafty pics but I thought I best post our holiday pics from Oct seen as it's now Nov!!! Hubs had been livin down there for a few weeks before I could get down, it was an fantastic place and I really wish he was going to be there for the 4 years instead of 1 at York and 3 at Bristol, nothing against Bristol mind :)
I was just bowled over by the vast amount of beautiful buildings and the amazing ickle shops, every street you went down there was loads more it was fab!! I even managed to get lost a few times LOL We went down on the train so only managed to walk into the centre, thankfully Hubs flat is a 2min walk) but when we're down at Christmas we'll be taking the car and hope to see the surrounding areas so any recommendations on what would be good to see please let me know :)


Calv said...

Hi Ger, great pics, York looks beautiful, Maddy is going to take me there one day, i love old buildings so i hear it will be a lovely place to visit.

Linda said...

Great photos Ger.

Will try and maybe pop up to Cullen when I am home from Christmas and introduce myself, but in the meantime here is a wee bit about myself