Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The BIG Meeting!

Well I was a nervous wreck on Monday morning to say the least, hubby wasn't much help, my appointment was at 11am i I couldn't help clock watching. Anyway we eventually got there and had a great meeting and I'm being taken on board wooohooo It was good to have all my questions answered and to have someone on hand to help me in hat to do next, we went through a loads of things and my next step while i wait for planning permission is a business plan. I have a huge sheet of questions to answer and figures to work out so my advisor can project how much need to make a week to cover costs. I'm being put on a three day business course next month which sounds really great, the big surprise was my advisor wants me to be up and running for Easter!!!!!! how shocked was I when he said that, so fingers crossed i get the permission through fast.
I'm afraid I haven't any pics as I've been working on my homework but hopefully once I'm finished I'll be able to get some on and catch up with my friend on the net :o)
Oh while I remember unfortunately I didn't make it onto the design team with my piece below :o( never mind I'll just have to try somewhere else.


Sprogpaws said...

Glad to hear it all went well! Hate to say I told you so, but .....! :oP Was it Craig you saw?

ger76 said...

It was hun he was ever so nice, I was going to mention you but my head was in such a mess I could remeber who you saw, I'll mind the next time I meet him :O)