Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Boy

Two posts in the one evening I know but I need to get this down, my handsome but above is very ill and I know I'll be stressing over the next two weeks until he gets his scan and we find out how bad his problems are. He is called Teal'c and will be 8 next month and is totally camera shy, I am nit kidding!!!the middle pic was him actually barking at me for shoving the camera in his face LOL He is old I know but up until a few months he was still bounding about like a little puppy and then he just went down hill and things have just got bad in a scary way :(
The vet found a tumor, a swollen pancreas, bladder problems and his heart murmur has got that bad they may not be able to put him in for an op to get the tumor removed, so it's not looking good for my baby.
Sorry I just wanted to get this off my chest, thanx for listeming Ger xxx

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Oh hunny i am so sorry to hear about the bad way your baby is in just now. He is truly gorgeous, i would love a dog like this as would my son. I hope you find out exactly what is wrong soon and are able to get it sorted. I will be thinking of you, and looking forward to future updates on him. Take care , big hugs Linda x