Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cards at last!!!

Don't ask!!! this was a request from a customer LOL

My new lush stamp from sugar nellie :) I am waiting to pre order their new babies this week

I just lurve these beauties, I am actually thinking I should add more to my ever expanding collection, have to do it soon as hubs is away and I don't have to hide the parcels LOL
I haven't managed on here lately as I've been sooo busy in the shop, I've had soooo much stock arrive which is great but not when you have to mark it all off, price and find a home for it all. I think I am just about fit to burst and if I get any more craft stuff in I'll have to head into the Crafters Gallery LOL

I have also been battling mentally with my other hobby-eating!!! I just lurve food :) :) oh yes but as you can imagine after to kids, eating what I like and letting my exercise basically grind to a sharp halt, I have decided to get back in control. I am two weeks into it and so far going great, for the first time I actually feel I am in control for a change, I am not doing anything major just cutting out junk sun-thur and pleasing myself Frid & Sat without going overboard. My biggest achievement has been, now don't laugh, I have managed to walk around for two weeks with a few chocolate bars in my bag without being tempted!!! This is something quite major for me and my secret I think about what I'm going to eat, ask if I really need it & then ask if I want to stay a lardy arse LOL that is it :)

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