Friday, January 23, 2009

My Space

This post is inspired by a thread on a place i like to hangout, I feel rather ashamed as so many peeps have lovely co-ordinating places to create and i just work in a muddle, in fact the pictures are actually my work space tidy for a change LOL This space is in the shop so i use it for card & jewellery making and my so called scrapbooking- that these days I never get round too :(
If I get a change tomorrow I will take pics of my studio at the bottom of our garden, I share with my Mum, it is still work in progress but usable. Mum does her stained glass there and I have my potters wheel & kilns.


Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

Hi - couldn't help admire your "muddle" - you should see mine!! - at least you have a dedicated place - I've just taken over the dining room (which we hardly used anyway!!) now its a dining room disguised as a craft room - sort of??!!

lol Maria x

MaygreenFairies said...

I adore your workspace, it just makes me want to come along and have a good old look around and all your creative bits and bobs. Mandy x

Beth said...

Fab coming to meet you and seeing your gorgeous shop.

I'll have a good look round your blog tomorrow to, had a quick peep and saw the Craft!!! Need to join there too.

Hugs Beth.x

ger76 said...

Maria- LOL it's great I have my own space :) I think thats why I alway feel real bad when its a mess!

Mandy-You are very welcome to come and play anytime as long as you bring some lush faries with you :)

Beth: It was really lovely to meet you and your daughter too :) The crafts forum is a great place with loads of fabby tallented people, I feel out of place hanging around but they are a lovely bunch :)