Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nothin to show :(

I am afraid that I have nothing to show, my wee puter gave up the ghost and I'm in the missle of setting up the old one, even though it's not what I ordered!!! what am I going to so with a blue computer >:( At the start of the week we took the kids to the cinema to see Night At The Museum 2 but in the way hom we ran into a bit of trouble and crashed thanx to a deer!!!! We are all fine but where a bit some and the next day was worse, the car is very sick but the main thing is that we are fine.
On a brighter note I have the lovely Design Objectives in today and I saw some lurvely stock, most from Doodlebug their new range is the best. I even ordered my Christmas stock today, rather early for me so it will take some getting used to.
Another bit of fabby stock news is that I am soon to have in my possession the very wonderful Copic Ciao range!!!!
I'll keep you posted :)


Sunday Sketch and Stamp said...

Oh, glad you're okay after the run in with the deer!

Just popping by to see if you are well!


ger76 said...

Thanx for asking hun :)

I'm fine was a bit sore for a few days after but we where alive and that was the main thing. Just been a bit manic with stock taking and trying to get the books sorted for the tax man LOL
I hope to be more involved now that I feel back in control :)