Thursday, November 15, 2007

Toppers in the house

I'm back into my toppers again, I need to earn some cash for the shop or hubby will have me out to work-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh not good! Talking about the shop got a letter in from them today regarding a few points that I have to answer for them, it was sooo funny as I was shaking trying to open the thing in case it was the answer i was looking for, but hey it wasn't and it wasn't a no either so that's great. So I've a few days to get their questions answered and then hopefully I'll get the final result :o)
There have been some major changes decided for the inside layout, the building warrant folk said the stairs had to be a non combustible material, a fire escape added to the upstairs storage room and the roof apex raised!!! so instead we;re ripping ot the stairs and turning the stairs into a loft :o) job done hopefully, it's turned into a good thing as i will have more space on he shop floor with means more room for craft stash- bonus! and i can have a bigger tables for my cop meetings, more room for mess.

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My Paper World said...

Gorgeous toppers! and good luck with the shop!