Thursday, October 12, 2006

Beautiful day!

These are my latest offerings to ebay, I really need to get back into this as it was great fun & I had a good customer base but with the move thats all fell away, if you'd like to check out others my ebay ID is handmadebyme2002 :O)

Wow we had a night of heavy rain and I was dreading taking the dog for a walk but to my delight it was beautiful, so after dropping the kids off at school I headed to the beach with Teal'c. We had a lovely time and he even managed not to chase any other dogs & get me into trouble which makes a change.
I managed a couple of things off my list done so here are the pics I managed today, Little Flowers is the first completed item that I've made with my baby. It once was a canvas that I fount when unpacking from the move & thought I'd give it a go- I was inspired with Flo & Co's creation of John F from the Chilis it's no where near her level but i thought I'd try.

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Anonymous said...

Love your Canvas, it fantastic!!