Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Sun was out...

...for a change, it will probably be raining tomorrow knowing our luck this summer it's just dreadful. Well with the sun out we spent some time in the garden doing some weeding and putting up the canes support for the peas, Abbie is getting right into it which is great

This is the bottom section of Mum's garden, it has come such a long way in such a short space of time, last year this was just a strip of grass with loads of huge over grown bushes & a pile of rubbish where the greenhouse is, as you can see it's a big improvement
This is our lettuce & cabbage bed they are doing great, we have eaten a few lettuce and they taste great unfortunately because they are organic they don't keep so we've learned just to take what we need, all part of learning how to grow your own I guess

Our canes are in and ready to plant which is a job for my little helper Abbie, Matthew on the other hand is away playing with the boys next door but I'm sure he'll appear when it's time to eat everything

I've got lots of new stash to play with, huge smile on my face!! The pic above is a kit bought from UKscrapper which I have 12 projects to do & I can't wait and the bottom pic is just stuff I treated myself to in the sales.

These lovely little pink recipe book stands I bought for the shop to display scrapbooks on i got them in the sale & they should look great in the shop.
Just want to add a BIG THANKYOU! to the peeps on the imag-e-nation forum for cheering me up yesterday with me not entering the comp & thanx to all the guys who have been posting there comments on here it's real nice to come on and find people have been looking around, it's quite mind blowing knowing that your coming from all over the world, hope you all have a great day where ever you are xx

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Hysteri-CAL said...

OMG ....... I soooooooooooo NEED to have those pink cards stands - well one - they are toooo lush for words !!!

I'm off on a google hunt for them now !