Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Busy Bee Today

Well here it is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my dream car I announced to hubby today :O) oh he was sooo pleased NOT! Isn't it lush, this will be once I pass my driving licence that is heehee these pics will keep me going in the mean time xx

Well today while the rain was off Mum & I decided to do some gardening, I did some weeding in her garden first, there is still loads to do but it's looking great considering how it looked a year ago. I then found some onions that hadn't been planted in her greenhouse so I dug over my second bed and popped them in with come beetroot, carrots & radish, fingers crossed they come up. We did manage to pull some spring onions & a couple of lettuce, I made some wraps with mince & salad and they were real good, can't wait to see how the cabbage turn out.

Our first crop

My Dad made these great beds for me, I came up with what I was wanting and he made it possible how fab is that. They are just great & will look great when they are all finished with their paths etc. but my Dad is a busy man & has too much on but I can wait as I can still use them and so far are working a treat!


Marlou said...

I absolutely adore your car!! wow and its pink the nicest colour on the planet :) x

ger76 said...

oh it's now mine yet :O( but "It will be mine" well as soon as I can talk hubby into buying it, it is just fabby though, I just don't know why the don't have this colour as standard they would make a fortune!

Patsy Jackson said...

WOW love that car - always wanted a mini but with a toddler and the amount of stuff you need for them not practical right now lol!!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Loving your toppers - you are very talented :)

Patsy x

mum on the run said...

Love your taste in cars ;)

Hysteri-CAL said...

Oh god what a car - i NEED it ... wonder if you can get one on Motability ... wonder if hubby will do less driving ... wonder if hubby and son will even get in it ..... wonder .... about wondering ... xx

Jules said...

oh, I so need that car for my perkypigs mobile :o) *grin*