Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Topper Sales

I'm getting fed up with selling my toppers through various places on the Internet I find one week they don't sell and then the next week the price goes through the roof but with all the charges I end up feeling customers are paying far too much and I pay far too many charges so I'm thinking of selling them here!
Well not here exactly on a page on my jewellery site but I'll announce it here when I have some for sale, I've heard quite a few people doing this and never really gave it a thought that I could.

Yesterday I had my Abbie's birthday tea it was pouring with rain but we had a blast there was ten kids & two babies & the mums. We had lots to eat & the kids all played in my two's rooms, there wasn't a cross word between them all and hardly any mess, great success.
Today however I'm knackered and going to spend some time in the garden with Abbie & Mum we have some serious weeding to do and I need to get some more veggies planted. Tonight i plan to get into my craft room as it looks like a bombsite, I got a lot of new stash and need to find a place for it all, oh what fun, I'll get some pics up later promise

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