Monday, November 26, 2007

Customer Orders

Got some more customer orders sorted today, the lush pink one is for a Head Teacher from the primary school I done the fair at, she really wanted something pink but came to the table too late, that village really love pink I was sold out!!!
The second is for a customer from my jewellery website, I don't know what it is but I love working with that colour. It's not exactly what they where looking for but my supplier is out of stock of the bugles that I needed to add to it so I hope they like it.
Now my big mix up one was just made to use up a few single lampwork beads that I had left, I didn't have enough to make a full bracelet so opted to add more green, sterling silver round beads, some Bali silver caps & swarovski crystals. It was a bit of trial end error but I just love the final result so this one won't be up for sale I'm afraid.

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My Paper World said...

They are gorgeous!