Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fair Today

Been really busy this week getting ready for a Christmas fair at one of my Mum's schools so not had time to craft or blog I'm afraid soz! I've been up to my elbows in beads and soap making, but I love it really it makes me want to have my shop open even more cause I know I'll be up to that sort of stuff all the time and I luv it :o)
Posted some pics of last weekends family day out, well that's what it was supposed to be best laid plans and all, the Internet said a few of the castle where supposed to be open including Fyviv but when we arrived it was closed apart from a lovely couple's wedding that was being held there, oops. It wasn't all lost they have a huge lake there which is a lovely walk so we spent a couple of house doing the looooooong walk as my Abbie put it, but hey it's better than being such in and we ended up having a great time together, I've added a few pics with a rare one of me just to prove i was there as I'm always behind the camera I even feel left out :o( the grin on my face isn't the best but it was really really really cold, the huge lake I was on about it behind me in the pic but it looks like a puddle LOL Got some stash due this week along with some card orders so hope to have crafty pics with you soon xxx

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My Paper World said...

Great photos, and I look forward to seeing your photos of the card orders when you make them!