Thursday, November 22, 2007

Moray Seals

After Abbie's hospital appointment we decided to head for lunch and then the park but it was too wet so we ended up at Spey Bay, it was cold but dry. The kids where having great fun looking for their walking stick and throwing stones into the sea, we decided to walk to the edge of the water and noticed this cute face peeping out the water at us and before we knew it there was four of them. The kids where thrilled as they have only ever saw them in sanctuary's like the one in Scarborough we had visited in Oct, trying to get a picture we that was another matter!! The kids thought it was hilarious every time I got close to the waters edge for a great pic the seals would disappear, I didn't have my long lens camera just my mobile so really needed to get closer but it wasn't to be LOL The dots in the two middle pics are actually the seals, never mind we just have to catch a peek at the dolphin's.

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