Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Great British Craft Tour

You know when you fill in forms etc. and weeks pass by and then you get a phone call right out the blue, well it happened to me yesterday with this lovely couple. A while ago I came across a link from the crafters forum to a blog describing this fab journey around the country looking for crafters, I thought it would be nice to join in so I filled in the form never thinking I would be asked!!! I received a call from Tjobbe asking if they could come by, they where really fab & very enthusiastic in the work crafters do, we had a chit chat while Tjobbe to lots of pics of the crafters gallery & my work, he even had me pose outside they shop- I am not looking forward to seeing that :( All in all a fab time meeting them, finding out about their tour and I'm looking forward to seeing what they get up too next, if you want to check them out pop over to
Good luck with the rest of the journey guys & hope it a safe one xx

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