Monday, March 31, 2008

I's Got the Flu

I'm feeling mega sorry for myself at the moment, hubby has left for 2 months with work, the kids are playing up big time, I haven't eaten since Friday, been laid up the whole weekend so missed out enjoying the lovely weather & the kids and I haven been in my craft room for over a week :( not in a happy place at all.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Calling All Crafters

I don't have too many details at the moment but I'm looking for artists to have a stall at a Handmade Craft Fair at Cullen in July.
If you make your own wares and out like to raise some money for our town hall as well as making some pennies for yourself then please get in touch

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Amazing news!!

Just had to share my fabby news.....
We have the Planning Permission WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

We are now going full steam ahead, it's all so real now I can finally give my new account a time scale for us to be open, we have got a builder & electrician sorted so it's just getting the timing right with them both LOL I didn't realise it would be so complicated!
I'm quite sad though i haven't got a bit of plaster on the wall but I've picked my colours LOL never mind I'm in a happy place at the moment :)

Sugar Challenge 4

I finally managed to get into my craft room to get some design team work done!! this weeks challenge is Easter so if you fancie taking part or just want a peek of all the other entries pop over for a look :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Clever Mum

Not had much of a chance to craft this week as I've been busy making wire roses for my Mum to make pendants out of for the craft fair on sat, forgot to take a picture though so you'll have to wait soz. Instead I'll show you some pics of her stained glass work, she's really great at it and needs to believe in her work more! I'm trying to get some premises in the village and think Mum's work will look great and sell really well which will be a great boost for her and hopefully make her realise how good she is it it.
I'm looking into taking a pottery course seen I was so lucky to inherit a potters wheel and a couple of kiln's, it's a six week one starting at the basics and going through all the different processes including glazing, I'm really looking forward it I've got to call the tutor tomorrow to confirm my place, so if i managed to create anyhting I'll let you see LOL

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sweet Sugar Challenge 3

The challenge over at sweet sugar is on, I was late again sorry guys, here is my take on the black & pink theme the close up is so you can see the cute little gems a pinched off one of my Abbie's old outfit's how bad it that!!

Busy Busy

Well once I got better I had a mammoth task, create cards for a craft fair here in the village on Easter weekend, not a hard thing you may be thinking but I can only have cards with either Renie Macintosh or William Morris theme!!!! This is what I came up with, I really did find it a struggle but had a lot of help from Elmo, I've only made 150 & I'll have some soap but if I don't sell it all I'll put it in the shop if I get it open.
If you about in Cullen on the 22nd March come to the town hall from 10am till 5 pm you'll find me and a selection of textiles, soft furnishing's, jewellery & pyrography.

House Of Sick

Hope you all had a lovely Mothers day as me, I was thoroughly spoiled with beautiful handmade cards, Mark Ronson cd & even a handmade vase of flowers, as you can see someone liked them as much as me or it could be he just wanted in the shot. The kids went swimming so I could get some crafting done and them we went out for coffee & cake and for tea we had a chinese, I told you well spoilt!!

Well Ive been a bad blogger of late due to us having the house of sick, the only person missing it all was hubby, lucky thing! I managed to get Mothers Day cards done the one above was for the MIL & they one below for my Mum, inspired by the wonderful Jo Kill( opps pic still to be added)

I did managed to get a major tidy up done in my craft room, although it really doesn't look like it LOL!!!