Sunday, March 09, 2008

House Of Sick

Hope you all had a lovely Mothers day as me, I was thoroughly spoiled with beautiful handmade cards, Mark Ronson cd & even a handmade vase of flowers, as you can see someone liked them as much as me or it could be he just wanted in the shot. The kids went swimming so I could get some crafting done and them we went out for coffee & cake and for tea we had a chinese, I told you well spoilt!!

Well Ive been a bad blogger of late due to us having the house of sick, the only person missing it all was hubby, lucky thing! I managed to get Mothers Day cards done the one above was for the MIL & they one below for my Mum, inspired by the wonderful Jo Kill( opps pic still to be added)

I did managed to get a major tidy up done in my craft room, although it really doesn't look like it LOL!!!

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