Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pots & Chicks

Well they are not really pots, these a couple of my latest creation from my pottery course! I am in love with the ickle cup at the top it is the most perfect little thing ever & thankfully not just my opinion my tutor raved about it so I was very please with myself, I can't take any credit for the glazing as that is something the Fiona does for us but the throwing and decorating is done my me with Brian & Fiona's help, they are just the best and really make up push ourselves and always part their huge knowledge on the art.
I'm not keen on seeing my next lot as we learned to go small and create egg cups, nasty horrid little things they are!!! never again I'll head to a shop and buy one if I ever need one LOL

Anyhoo this is little Chickadee!! He/she is super sweet and was going to be fluffy but I didn't have any yellow fun flock :( so Amelie is gettin flocked tomorrow!! I still feel these is something missing but I always stick flowers on these days and wanted to steer clear but couldn't get my head round what to ass, so plain it is LOL



Hi hunny, you have been busy since my last visit with so many gorgeous makes, particularly love the easter ones. Hugs Linda x

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

LOVE that jug!! Really LOVE it!!!