Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Random

Playing with my Copics again which is great as I feel my mojo coming back a bit, I think I'm trying to do to much with the kids, business & charity, also my hubs has just moved back home after a two year stink of working away so I have decided to try let go a bit more of the third.
I am very much in the mind of, if i do it myself it gets done and its hard letting other folk take on rolls with the charity but I really have to, we have some great new people on board and they are very capable of taking some of the work load off me :) I'll keep you updated lol
These are some of the gorgeous gemstones that we took delivery off this week, I just love the earthy colours, might have to hang onto these ones and order my lovely customers in some more lol It's my birthday today and just thought i'd pop this wee guy up cause I made him yesterday and her really made me smile :D

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