Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guilty Pleasure Blog Prompt #15

Sorry for the lack of posting and huge SORRY to Emma for the lack of contribution to the 31 day Blog Prompt it's been a hard fortnight and just staying a float in real life so blog life has had to take a back seat I'm afraid, but your doing a grant job chick and the prompts have been brill!! 

So onto todays blog prompt My Guilty Pleasures........

Mr Edward Lushpants Cullen :P
I get a ribbing about this from my friends as he is younger than me but I don't care as there isn't a huge age difference!!!

I adore the Carpenters, not very often and I surprise a lot of folk with this confession as I am a rock chick at heart & love my Chili Pappers & Foo Fighters :D 
But ever now and agin I feel the need to listen to these guys aaaaahhhhhh.

Now this one has to be my freakiest  guilty pleasure, it started way back when I was expecting my first child and it has stayed with me ever since and yes you are right in thinking the worst I do dip the Pringles into the Nutella

So I have confesses mine, whats yours??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I might have to try the Pringles and Nutella. I like marmite on toast with chocolate spread or honey :-)