Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yummy Stock

Today I took delivery of a fab amount of the wonderful Elzybells rubber stamps, aren't they just the best :) I oooed and aaaaaed over them for a whole hour while Hubs shook his head in the corner LOL I went for the unmounted range as they are half the price which means more fabby designs to work with.

I couldn't resist this little fellow so only one ended up on the shelf, well in fact it was really hard putting all of them on the shelves LOL I decided this was going to be my Christmas card for this year, I can't tell you how wonderful these are to work with!!! and my customers love the fact the picture on the front comes coloured and helps those unsure about the shading etc. such a great feature well done Ela :)

Oh and I squeezed in another Christmas card for a special little baby out in Salt Lake City who we can't wait to meet :) I've never done a Santa in anything other than Red but I'm converted he looks sooo sweet even in pink!

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Lainy's Little Blog said...

This is sweet. I would never have thought to colour him pink, but it fair suits him :0)