Monday, December 03, 2007

All done plus deco's

Finally got my card list done pics taken (thought not very good soz) and uploaded to the puter, no doubt I'll have more to make & I'll probably be using tildas or sugar nellies LoL I just love them and they have got be back into stamping big time!!

Well mine are up, granted later than expected, I normally get them up on the 1st, we put on the Christmas songs get in nibbles for dinner and get stuck in, but this year the village where having disco's for the kids after the light's where switched on so we had to wait till Sunday. I didn't get my songs on though because Star wars was on - never mind! Well we started about 4.30pm and i finished at 11.30pm!!!! I did cook our nibbles in between and eat so take off an hour LOL It's all worth it in the end though as I love this time of year and always always make the most of it.

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